China Art Museum

Viewing a Chinese Handscroll

Michael Knight, Curator Emeritus of Chinese Art at the Asian Art Museum shows viewers how one would view a Chinese handscroll with the use...

Hong Kong Museum of Art reopens with 11 exhibitions

Hong Kong Museum of Art reopens after three years close with 11 exhibitions, including the 100th anniversary of the birth of Wu Guanzhong, and...

Exploring Shehuo Festival and a local art museum in Tianshui, Gansu...

Presenter Marc Edwards continues his journey in and around Tianshui, venturing out to the dream-like 'Water Curtain Caves' in Shuilian-dong, learning about ... source

How Artists Predict the Future | Melissa Chiu | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue

Director of the nation's museum of modern art, The Hirshhorn Museum, Melissa Chiu draws connections between art works and change, especially technology. source

Frans Hals in the Metropolitan Museum

An afternoon exploring the famous Dutch painter's life, art, and brilliant brushwork. Lectures: Frans Hals in Haarlem and New York Walter Liedtke, Curator, ... source

Arts of Asia at the Walters Art Museum – Baltimore

Today, explore the newly opened Arts of Asia exhibit at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore! This collection features works from India, Nepal, Tibet,...

Art Museum Guangzhou

Art Museum Guangzhou Guangzhou, China, 2009 For more information contact: ... source

Comico Art Museum Yufuin by Kengo Kuma and associates

There is a small museum for contemporary art, near a famous hot spring resort in Kyushu which has fostered a unique local culture in...

Fine Arts Museum of HCMC: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Hey, guys. What is gooood? It is my third day in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and before I go to Bitexco Tower to...