Ancient China Art

Weapon Masters- Chinese Repeating Crossbow

For more, visit | The Weapon Masters look at the "Repeating Crossbow," which was ... source

Ancient chinese dance

Those girls performed an ancient chinese dance, despite a weather cold enough to numb my fingers while I'll held my camera. source

Ancient Martial Art Gains Popularity in Vietnam

A man bending an iron rod on his eye socket is one of the seemingly impossible feats of strength performed through Thien Mon Dao,...

Charles Griffes (Five Poems of Ancient China and Japan)

These five musical vignettes by Charles Tomlinson Griffes will leave you with a lasting impression of peace and a deeper awareness of the now....

Top 25 Fantasy Chinese Dramas 2019


Ancient Chinese Sword – Traditional Jian by Warrior Jake Mace

Ancient Chinese Sword - Traditional Jian by Warrior Jake Mace. In Mandarin Chinese we say "Jian" for the Chinese Sword. The sword is practiced...

Ancient Chinese Martial Art

Learning how to Protect your self! source

The Ancient Art of Chinese Pottery Expressed through Ceramic Artist Wong... • AJAR1272; Aired on 9 Mar 2010(in Chinese) An introduction to the delicate art and traditional culture of Chinese pottery, with ... source

Chinese Music – Imperial Dynasty

Chinese music about the beautiful land of China. This music I composed is called Imperial Dynasty. I hope you enjoy listening to it! ***...

Papercutting | An introduction (Hello China #76)

The Chinese folk art of papercutting (jian zhi) is considered to be one of the standards to identify a smart woman. It also expresses...